School Lunches

School Lunches at the Kids' Choice Cafe

Kid's Choice Café is an elementary healthy-choice breakfast and lunch program that encourages students to choose foods wisely and establish lifelong positive eating habits.  Kid’s Choice Café is in each of the district’s 132 elementary schools and promotes the theme “It’s Cool to Eat at School.”

A Kid's Choice Cafe lunch is $2.00 unless the student qualifies for free or reduced-price meals.  
After making a selection from three entrées at breakfast, the salad bars are used to offer a selection of fruits.   At lunch, students make a choice from three entrées and then go to a salad bar to make selections of salad, vegetables, and fruits.   A monthly "Harvest of the Month" fruit or vegetable is offered to add a bit of excitement.  When available, fresh, local fruits and vegetables are incorporated into the entrées and/or salad bar through the Farm to School initiative. 

Click here for the menu and for information on prepayment and
free and reduced-price meals