Annual Giving Campaign (AGC)

ANNUAL GIVING A public education is free, an enriched one is not.

What is the Annual Giving Campaign? The Annual Giving Campaign is one of several initiatives used by LJES to fund its enhanced education program. 100% of the funds raised from the Annual Giving Campaign go directly to the school and to programming for our children. Our children's education is enriched beyond the district provided program with: technology, art, music, a staffed library and support teachers who assist in classrooms at every grade level. At LJES, the requested per child contribution is $550 annually.

What does LJES do with the money raised? We provide all LJES students with classes in technology, art, music and library. Your donated dollars pay for additional support teachers at every grade level, as well as funding for classroom supplies, supplemental instructional materials and playground maintenance and so much more!

How do I give? Can I donate throughout the year? Can I pay in installments? You can give via the LJES website through Pay Pal if you would like to pay with a credit card. If you would like to pay with a check and/or pay in installments, you can download the donation form from the LJES website. Donation forms are also available in the office or through your room parent. The Annual Giving Campaign kicks off at the beginning of each school year. You can donate early all at once, give at any time during the year or pay in installments.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes! 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

Does LJES accept matching grants, gifts from non-LJES parents and stock? Yes to all of the above. Thanks to stock donations, company matching grants and the generosity of community members, neighbors and grandparents, LJES has raised thousands of dollars in additional funds for our children. 

I cannot give $550 per child. Am I expected to give? Can I give less? YES, absolutely. Give what you can. We are looking for 100% participation from all LJES families. Please give what you can. Every donation is important.

For Annual Giving Campaign questions, contact Nettie Keck @ or Alexa Scoma @

* Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc.  is a non-profit organization  that supports fundraising at our school and is separate from La Jolla Elementary School and the San Diego Unified School District.