Art Show

Art Show

April 10-16, 2014
Don't miss this school-wide art show curated by students. Every child has a piece in the show. Art Room Volunteers prepare the work and Art Show Coordinators and Volunteers install the work, transforming the school auditorium into an art gallery loaded with amazing pieces.

*the show will be open during school hours Thursday, April 10th-Wednesday, April 16 in the LJES auditorium.

An "Art Show Reception" will be held from 9-1 on Sunday, April 13th during the Open Aire Market.

Notecards with a picture of your child's masterpieces are available for purchase! 

$15 for a set of 12 notecards.  

Proceeds will benefit the LJES Art Program.

If you would like to volunteer for the Art Show,
please contact Kimhee at or Amanda Austin at