Talent Show

The LJES Talent Show

February 21, 2014 at 5:30pm


It’s that time of year when our talented kids get to wow us with singing, dancing, gymnastics, cultural arts, and so much more!


Audition Dates (by appointment only)

January 22nd and 29th at 1pm in the auditorium


*Try outs will be on a first come, first go basis.

*Sign Ups will be for a 5 minute time slot. EACH CHILD MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN ONE ACT!



All acts must follow the following guidelines:

1.         Be prepared! Select your group ahead of time so there isn’t any last minute scrambling.

2.          Be prepared! Practice your routine ahead of time so you are confident during your tryout.

3.          Be prepared! All acts must be 90 seconds or less. All music should be e-mailed by January 15, 2014 directly to LJEStalent@gmail.com.

4.          Be prepared! Bring this Application Form with you to your try out. This is a legal requirement for elementary aged kids and those who do not have their forms will be turned away.


We can’t wait to see what talent you bring! Whether your child wants to sing opera, play a fiddle or square dance, we are open to all types of talent from our LJES students. Group routines are encouraged! **Please note that in order to keep the show running smoothly, we are limiting each child to participate in ONE act only. Thank you for respecting this request.**

Looking forward to a fun event!
It is very important for PARENTS to understand how much work goes into thisnight. There will be groups that audition last and perform last. We try our best to do what best suits the show so please be patient.

Please send your songs and karaoke tracks to Alexa Scoma by Wednesday, January 9. You must provide a track to us in digital format as there will not be a CD or tape player available.  A link is attached that provides directions on how to send the song via email.  It is easy to find tracks using itunes by typing in the name of the song you would like to sing followed by the word "karaoke".  (YouTube links WILL NOT be accepted!) Be sure to listen to previews of several versions before purchasing to find the best.  Of course, you can use the original versions of songs for dances, etc. Parents, please be mindful in assisting students to choose songs without profanity or age-inappropriate content. 

When you are ready to send please include name of student(s), name of song, and grade so it will go into the correct playlist.  Here is the link with instructions on sending an mp3 via email...you’ll be surprised at how easy this is!  If this link isn’t helpful enough, you can find more help by typing “how to attach an mp3 to an email” into your google search and LOTS more like this one will be available to guide you.   

In addition, all acts must be 90 seconds or less, which means in most cases you will have to modify a track to fit the time allotted.  Please modify the track prior to sending.  Here is a link to help you do this.  It’s incredibly easy and you’ll be learning something new!  Have fun helping your daughter or son shine in the LJES Talent Show this year!  



If you have any questions, please contact Alexa Scoma at axiescoma@yahoo.com.

Let's make this the greatest show EVER!  We can't wait to see and hear your wonderful talents!