Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc.

Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc.

Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc. (Friends) is the school’s fundraising group. It is a nonprofit organization, comprised mainly of LJES parents, committed to supporting the educational needs of the children of La Jolla Elementary School. The funds raised each year pay for educational enrichment programs such as
  • Additional teachers to support 3rd-5th grades
  • Art expert and supplies          
  • Choral music expert and supplies    
  • Technology expert and equipment
  • Full time library technician                    
  • Everyday Math books and supplies                  
  • Instructional supplies to support classrooms daily
Additionally, funds are raised for school campus improvements. Friends provides these programs based on input from parents, LJES Governance Team/School Site Council, our principal, our teachers and the Friends’ Board. We strive to support and provide educational programs which impact the highest number of students possible at La Jolla Elementary School.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patronage which are key to providing enriching educational programs for our children at LJES.

Thank you.
Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc.

2013-2014 Board of Directors
Alexa Scoma: President

Nettie Keck: Vice President / Annual Giving Campaign 

Colleen Royal: Treasurer 

Sharon Jones / Dale Smith: Assistant Treasurers

Megan Cox: Secretary

Julia Kaplan: Executive Committee / Sponsorship

Dawn Villela: Open Aire Market (OAM)

Sherry Ahern: OAM Co-Chair/LJAWF 

Cathy Wallace: Teacher Representative

Grace Zimmerman: E-Scrip / New Fundraising

Marcy Holthus: Site Improvements

Adam Birnbaum: Website/Technology

2013-2014 Advisory Committee Members

Cindi Stratton: General Counsel / PTO Liaison

Sigurd Kallhovde: Technology Advisor

Amy Wells: Marketing

Julie MacDonald: Spell-A-Thon