Technology at LJES is taught in classrooms because we believe in using technology to enhance and support the curriculum in the students' regular setting. The Library is also equipped with technology resources for student

Students K-5 use technology most days for a variety of activities. They also receive hourly in-classroom technology lessons bi-weekly. These lessons include, but are not limited to:

Internet safety and safe search
Safe computer handling, storage and maintenance
File server use for file storage
Server applications
Word processing
Desktop publishing
Graphics editing and organization
Graphic organizers
Web site authoring
GIS software

The technology rubric itemizes what skills we expect our students to have acquired at each grade level.

Classroom and home projects are adapted to be supported by the above technology learning.

The learning is supported by desktop computers in Kindergarten and First Grade, laptop carts for First through Fifth grades, grade level laser printers (Black/White and color), site-wide wireless access and much more.